Social Influences about Latin Connections


Cultural impacts are all about us, from the music we listen to and the food we eat, to the people we all interact with. The most powerful of these will be those we’re closest to, like family and friends.

For Latin Americans, familismo certainly a important value. It is the belief that is central to one’s personal information, and that your own needs need to take a lower back seat to the needs in the larger family group unit. It provides a great sense of obligation to family members, while using expectation that children definitely will obey father and mother and respect elders (Suizzo et ing., 2012).

As part of this way of life of familismo, Latin Tourists value prolonged family and good friends very highly. They will love to talk about their families, and so are very grateful of those who helped these people in some way. In fact , a few will even exhibit affection for distant relatives that they’ve by no means met. Latin Americans also have a great esteem for those who are in positions of power and leadership, displaying a good of civility that is generally unexpected. This can be evident in their common using the sentence “Dios te bendiga” (“God bless you”).

When Latin America shares some cultural characteristics, such as the predominant language of Spanish as well as the religion of Catholicism, it also has many unique local features. In particular, the existence of African culture brought by Africans inside the Trans-Atlantic ex – slave company has influenced dance, music, cuisine plus some syncretic religious customs in the countries that comprise the region.