Theologian: An individual who systematically studies theology or certain aspects of theology


Theologian: An individual who systematically studies theology or certain aspects of theology

Within the Colonial America, theologians always was basically educated pastors who you will illustrate potential ministers inside a school mode. Theologians became professional academicians and gurus following advent of seminaries on 19th century (Reid mais aussi al. 1990: 1170).

Theravada Buddhism: Among the oldest colleges regarding Buddhism one turned to this new website from Sariputra, an earlier disciple of one’s Buddha whoever type interpreting Buddha’s lessons try really conservative and you can showcased the latest part of the monastic lives because solution to nirvana (Melton 2009: 1043).

Three Treasures: The three points that provide retreat to own Buddhists: this new Buddha, the brand new Dharma (teaching), together with Sangha (Buddhist neighborhood) (Prothero 2008: 205).

About three Marks regarding Life: Also known as impermanence, distress, and no soul in the Buddhist conception away from peoples facts (Esposito mais aussi al. 2012b: G-14).

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Tibetan Guide of your Deceased: A couple of Buddhist messages concerned about the official between demise and you will rebirth. The brand new texts define an effective 49-date journey that includes unconsciousness at present out of dying, reawakening into the a great bodiless form, and the appearance of each other peaceful and you can wrathful deities (Smith and Eco-friendly 1995: 1075).

Torah: New Hebrew term (“teaching”) broadly means both the oral and you can composed Jewish Rules. Far more narrowly, they is the very first five instructions on Hebrew Bible, otherwise Old testament, which Jewish believers consider its very sacred text (Prothero 2008: 287).

Transubstantiation: An excellent Catholic doctrine that Eucharistic dough and you may drink is the body and you may bloodstream out-of Christ inside an exact sense. ” It’s according to research by the literal translation of your Past Food about Gospel account. This new Benedictine monk Paschasius Radbertus (c.785-c.860 Le) is actually credited since very first direct proponent of one’s asianmelodies ilmainen kokeiluversio philosophy, whilst the actual title first seems up to 1130 Ce. The newest Protestant reformers refused that it doctrine (Reid et al. 1990: 1184).

Trinity: The latest Religious title on people out of God made away from three “persons” (Dad, Child and you will Holy Soul). The expression is outside the New testament, whilst the individuals of your own Dad, Young buck and Holy Soul was said. The differences within three was relational and never considered feel a breakup from strength. Goodness is considered as the newest Young buck out of Jesus. The latest philosophy of the trinity is somewhat debatable, to own critics (age.grams. Muslims and you will Unitarians) say that it is polytheism, when you’re Christians traditionally protect the doctrine just like the communal monotheism (Smith and you may Green 1995: 1100).

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Unclaimed Society: Since used by this new ARDA, the new unclaimed society are the ones that aren’t adherents of any of one’s 236 groups included in the Religious Congregations & Membership Analysis, 2010. That it number should not be utilized as the an indicator of irreligion otherwise atheism, as it also incorporates adherents of teams perhaps not used in these data.

Unction: The fresh new sacrament off data recovery throughout the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches. Due to the fact Vatican Council II, Catholicism has used the phrase “Anointing of the Ill” in lieu of “unction.” This sacrament is dependent on passages in the New testament courses off es, and early Religious traditions. Medieval habit into the Western Christianity limited new sacrament to people exactly who have been perishing. Vatican Council II restored its prior to general-purpose (Reid mais aussi al. 1990: 1194).

Unification Church: A special religious way dependent during the Korea of the Sun Myung Moon in 1954. The full title of your movement is the Holy Soul Connection to the Unification from World Christianity. Unification theology will be based upon Moon’s translation of your Dated and The new Testaments. It states you to definitely Jesus’ purpose were to fix spiritual and you may actual salvation to everyone, however, because of their crucifixion, he was just capable provide spiritual salvation. Moonlight claims one to physical salvation happens as a consequence of matrimony, and as a result, Moonlight selects people in the latest chapel to-be married. Its children are considered without a great “dropped nature” (Smith and you can Environmentally friendly 1995: 1109).